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The Evolution of Non-Invasive Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

As technology continues to advance and patient needs evolve, the demand for non-invasive procedures is rapidly increasing.  Non-invasive procedures are popular because of the appeal that comes with them – no incisions, no recovery time, and no need for sedation or medications.  Of course, with these conditions, we are looking for procedures that produce impressive results! With that being said, we are very excited to introduce our patients to two new non-invasive procedures for skin tightening and fat reduction of the face and body – Exilis Elite and Vanquish.

Both devices utilize a unique form of radiofrequency (RF) energy to do their work.  The Exilis Elite can be used to tighten skin and contour just about anywhere on the face or body. Heat from the RF energy delivered to the deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous fatty areas trigger collagen remodeling and stimulate new collagen production for tightening as well as the elimination of excess fat cells.  No pain medications are needed, although heat over the skin can be experienced to a varied degree by each patient, depending on the area treated.  Each treatment lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes and will need to be repeated every one to two weeks for three to five sessions for best results.  We have been treating patients at our practice with the Exilis Elite for several months now and have been impressed with preliminary results, high patient satisfaction, and safety.

One of our patients after 1 Exilis treatment.  These results are exceptional - most can expect their best results at 3 months to a year after treatment.

One of our patients after 1 Exilis treatment. These results are exceptional – most can expect their best results at 3 months to a year after treatment.

The Exilis Elite is not a laser and there is no injury to the overlying skin, no skin peeling, pigment change or prolonged healing.  Immediately after treatment, however, mild redness, tenderness and minor swelling may be present and dissipates quickly.  Although early results may be visible, most improvement will be noticed between three months to one year following the last treatment session and individual results can vary significantly.  In summary, our initial experience with the Exilis Elite in patient outcomes as well as published research support this revolutionary technology in providing the most effective and safe non-invasive skin and tissue tightening along with fat reduction.

Vanquish IR

Studies show that the Vanquish can heat the underlying fat to 120 degrees, resulting in its reduction, while the overlying skin is only warmed to 100 to 101 degrees.

The Vanquish device also utilizes radiofrequency energy technology.  The Vanquish was just released to ten selected practices in the United States and our practice is very excited to have the opportunity to utilize this revolutionary and research proven system.  The Vanquish RF energy is focused into the desired fat layers, while protecting the other surrounding tissues.  As with the Exilis Elite, treatments are done in the office without the need for any medication and there is no down or recovery time.  Each Vanquish treatment requires approximately 30 to 45 minutes.  A qualified technician monitors the energy levels of the device, while it is positioned over the patient’s abdomen and flanks during treatment.  Vanquish treatmentA warm sensation is typically noted and no significant patient discomfort has been experienced in our limited series.  Approximately 4 to 6 treatments are recommended for best results and although immediate results may be seen, optimal improvement may take several months or longer.  It should be noted that the Vanquish treatment for fat reduction is not intended to be a substitute for sensible diet and exercise, which are encouraged to maximize the results with these treatments and improve the patient health.

This patient lost 13 cm (or about 5 inches) off her waist after 4 Vanquish treatments.

This patient lost 13 cm (or about 5 inches) off her waist after 4 Vanquish treatments.

Evolv and Frank Barone Plastic Surgery in Toledo are excited to add the Exilis Elite and Vanquish, non-invasive technologies to our treatment programs to improve body contouring and patient aesthetics.  Professional consultation and physical exam are required to determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate for treatment.  These treatments are not covered by insurance and a quote will be provided regarding all costs depending on the number of treatments.

Please feel free to contact our professional staff at the office for any questions regarding the Exilis Elite or Vanquish systems.

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